Center for Diabetes Care was started by Dr. Mariela Glandt with the goal of helping patients with diabetes live optimal lives,  combining the scientific strength of modern medicine with a traditional emphasis on a personal, patient-doctor relationship. We are here for you!

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43 Brodetsky St., Entrance A, 4th Floor, Tel-Aviv

(Behind Ramat Aviv Mall)

Phone: 03-7208533

Endocrinology logo

Endocrinology is the branch of medicine that studies hormones. Endocrinologists specialize in diabetes because the hormone insulin is the main issue in diabetes. Read more →

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Patients with diabetes are more likely to have nerve damage to the extremities (neuropathy), have impaired cognitive function, have an increased chance of having a stroke or Alzheimer’s disease. Read more →

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Diet and Nutrition

Diet is key to the treatment of diabetes. Understanding what and how to eat can make all the difference to controlling diabetes.

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Exercise, along with diet, is the best medication for diabetes. It lowers glucose levels and decreases insulin resistance. Over time it opens up new blood vessels. Read more →

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Diabetes is a complex condition that requires big changes in lifestyle. Learning how to accept diabetes and how to avoid sabotaging the process often requires some professional help. Read more →

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Uncontrolled diabetes can lead to damage of the small vessels in the eyes leading to a condition called retinopathy. Diabetes is also associated with increased in cataracts, in glaucoma, and in macular edema. Read more →

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Becasue diabetes can cause nerve damage and impaired blood flow, patients are at high risk for developing wounds. Prevention is the key to avoiding foot problems. Read more →

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Diabetes nurse/educator

The nurse is a full partner in building a treatment plan tailored to the needs of the patient. The primary goal is to educate patients and screen them for complications. Read more →